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My name is Peter Thoshinsky and I am the Historical Photographer for the San Francisco Police Department.

I had a 31 year career as a street cop, where along with my regular duties I was a frequent photographic contributor. 

After my 2013 retirement as a Lieutenant I rejoined the SFPD in 2015 as a part time historical photographer working out of the Media Relations Unit.

My duty is to create an unvarnished photographic record of policing in America's most diverse and dynamic city.

My focus and my passion is to record the proud service of the men and woman of the San Francisco Police Department in their performance of their duties, with an eye on capturing images "that stand the test of time".

 I strongly and passionately believe in the power and impact of black and white imagery with an emphasis on printing for archival permanence.   

What is KMA438?

KMA438 was and still is the FCC radio station call sign of the San Francisco Police Department.

 Before computers police broadcasts of significance, and  the legally required hourly identifier broadcast, ended with the phrase, "SFPD KMA438 clear".

Today that same hourly announcement has gone by the wayside, with a computer emitting a digital chirp every hour.

Non the less "KMA438" remains in the hearts of all of those who ever worked the streets of San Francisco...

"KMA438 San Francisco Police Department, channel clear."

Oro en paz, fierro en guerra

Gold in Peace, Iron in War